• Work in Argentina

    Work in Argentina

    Economy Argentina’s economy is the second largest in South America, just behind Brazil. The World Bank (2013) ranked the country’s US$612 billion gross domestic product (GDP) twenty-first globally. The Legatum Institute ranked Argentina’s economy fifty-eighth out of 142 countries on its Economy Sub-Index (2013). Argentina’s […]

  • Live in Argentina

    Live in Argentina

    Geography and Climate Occupying most of southeastern South America, Argentina shares a border with Chile to the west, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north and Uruguay and the southern Atlantic Ocean to the east. Argentina is an ideal, centralized location for those looking to explore […]

  • Move to Argentina

    Move to Argentina

    Immigration Entry Requirements An original passport is required for United States citizens to enter Argentina. Americans need to pay a US$160 reciprocity fee online at the National Immigration Office website prior to arrival in Argentina at any entry point. A receipt of the transaction must […]

  • Move to France

    Move to France

    Immigration Entry Requirements Preparing for your move to France, ensure that you have a valid passport, required for all U.S. citizens entering France. Before entering the border, you must have 1) documentary evidence of the purpose of your visit, 2) means of support for the […]

  • Live in France

    Live in France

      Geography and Climate If you are planning to live in France, you are not alone. France is Western Europe’s largest country, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea and Spain on its southern border to Belgium on its northern border. Nearly the size of Texas with […]

  • Work in France

    Work in France

    Economy France has a diverse economy and wide variety of industries for those planning to work in France. France is a leading industrialized country with a mature and sophisticated market economy. The World Bank (2011) ranked the country’s economy fifth in the world with a […]

  • Move to Mexico

    Move to Mexico

    In May 2011, the Mexican government announced a revision of its immigration law that will change its current system of permits and visas. To date, however, the Intituto Nacional de Migracion (INM), Mexico’s immigration service, has not yet implemented the new law. When they do, we will update our Mexico Immigration section to reflect those changes.

  • Live in Mexico

    Live in Mexico

    Despite its Latin American ties, Mexico is located in North America. Bounded on the north by the United States and the south by Guatemala and Belize, Mexico also looks east to the Caribbean Sea and west to the Pacific Ocean. The fifth largest country in the Americas and the fourteenth largest in the world, Mexico’s 760,000 square miles land mass is about one-fifth the size of the U.S.

  • Work in Mexico

    Work in Mexico

    Mexico has a large and relatively stable free market economy with a GDP of over US$1 trillion, which places it fourteenth on the World Bank’s ranking of Gross Domestic Product (2011). The Legatum Institute (2011) ranked Mexico thirteenth out of 110 countries on the size of its domestic market, which is valued at nearly US$580 billion. Mexico is the third largest trading partner of the United States and represents the second largest export market for U.S. products and services.


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